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Having worked at TRU for over 10 years, I find this distasteful. You wouldn't call her this to her face and at the end of the day, you're talking about an overpriced piece of plastic.  That we live in a world where you got this animated over a mistake in a computer system that this person can only look stuff up on is ridiculous. 

There have been numerous items at TRU and other retailers that never get shipped to Quebec typically because of the language laws.  Many exclusives aren't manufactured with bilingual or trilingual packaging and as a result, don't show up there.

Grow up.


--- Quote from: JediPatrick on October 21, 2021, 09:23:00 PM ---Yes, the statement was for the entire province. That'swhat the TRU store manager in Laval (near Montreal) tol me after looking at her computer, looking at all the stock numbers everywhere but showing N/A in all Quebec. She even looked and told me there was a note saying the product was not adequate for Quebec. And she even told me the system wouldn't allow a transfer from a store locted in another province to a store in Quebec.

So it seems she was a stupid MF liar. And I begin to think she probably knew I was a collector (even though I barely set foot in this store) and she just wanted to get rid of me.

Apparently there are only two stores in the Montreal area (yet) that have received this item. All others show zero stock, but that will certainly change soon.

So lesson learned: never trust a big MF b**tch working at TRU.  >:(

--- End quote ---

This is a bit harsh.  I have a friend who works at my local TRU and she quite often has helped me out over the past decade. There have been times over the years where she swears up and down that a certain item that I'm looking for isn't in the back storeroom (and since she stocks the shelves regularly, and goes back there, I have no reason not to believe her).  BUT since I go to my local store almost daily during the pre-pandemic times, I will come into the store the very next day and that same item which supposedly didn't come in, has been put out on the shelf!

It's possible that she could've lied for some reason, or simply gotten confused and didn't realize the product was in the storeroom (the identification on the Hasbro boxes aren't always 100% easy to tell what toy is inside), but in general I don't believe 99% of TRU employees are trying to screw with customers. It wouldn't make good business sense.  It's likely that they aren't aware of everything going on around them, or the computer system isn't updated with the latest changes, maybe even confusion (she recently swore that she put out a MotU Origins Skeletor that I'd been looking for during her shift last week, but since I was there at the time, I knew she hadn't, I attribute it to misremembering on her part).

I think the key thing is not to fully and blindly trust what any one person tells you about the availability of specific stock. You still have to do your own due diligence and unfortunately make regular toyruns to verify that the toy won't still make it to the shelf in some way.

How are you guys searching the store stock? I have been checking the last several weeks but have come up empty.

I found one at my local (Ontario) TRU.  Wasn't showing up on stock track at all; just had a gut feeling.

I scored one in a toys r us in Ontario. Box was mint and wasn’t tied up with those security tags.


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