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--- Quote from: napseeker on October 22, 2021, 01:21:38 PM ---
--- Quote from: JediPatrick on October 21, 2021, 09:23:00 PM ---Yes, the statement was for the entire province. That'swhat the TRU store manager in Laval (near Montreal) tol me after looking at her computer, looking at all the stock numbers everywhere but showing N/A in all Quebec. She even looked and told me there was a note saying the product was not adequate for Quebec. And she even told me the system wouldn't allow a transfer from a store locted in another province to a store in Quebec.

So it seems she was a stupid MF liar. And I begin to think she probably knew I was a collector (even though I barely set foot in this store) and she just wanted to get rid of me.

Apparently there are only two stores in the Montreal area (yet) that have received this item. All others show zero stock, but that will certainly change soon.

So lesson learned: never trust a big MF b**tch working at TRU.  >:(

--- End quote ---

This is a bit harsh.  (...)

I think the key thing is not to fully and blindly trust what any one person tells you about the availability of specific stock. You still have to do your own due diligence and unfortunately make regular toyruns to verify that the toy won't still make it to the shelf in some way.

--- End quote ---

Agreed. I certainly was carried away in my comment. It's not what I'm used to, so sorryabout the woring.

But the thing is, I went back to the same store to inquire (again) about availability in the whole area. When she looked at me, she recognized me for the one guy who asked her the same thing the week before.  Then, she raised her eyebrows up and her whole body language told me she was not pleased to answer me. Her tone changed from a welcoming warm to a cold icy and brutal one. I didn't feel like she was servicing a customer: I felt like I asked for something I shouldn't ask and was going way too far, beyond the limit of what I should do.

Again, I'm not a regular customer for this store, visitin maybe 4-5 times a year. So I wasn't the one bugging her all the time asking for help: I didn't know her at all two weeks ago. But I stand my ground saying she didn't want to help and rather wanted to push me away from her sight asap.

Anyway, I wasn't rude to her, on the contrary was very polite and frienly, as always (I'm never rude to anyone for that matter). I was just venting here against a store employee attitude I didn't feel I deserved. But who knows? Maybe she's being harrassed all the time by other collectors and got me confused with someone else? Or maybe she doesn't really like adult toy collectors at all. In fact, I would probably be very judgemental if I didn't collect toys myself and saw grown up men asking for store exclusive toys meant for 4+ yo...  :rollfloorlaffsmiley:

Darth Woo:
Have you emailed Toys R Us corporate?

Also, the employees actually don't always know what is coming.  The guy I deal with all the time at the one close to my work says they get weekly newsletters telling them what's upcoming.

Another thing they seem to be doing is breaking up cases so some stores get one figure and another one gets another figure.  This is to 'encourage' people to go to all the stores.  Case in point, I only ever saw Obi Wan and Hawk from the Clone Wars 6" line at 2 of the stores.  They told me that the store farther from me is the one that got Echo and Anakin.

The employee did say he didn't agree with that new tactic though.

The old adage "you catch more flies with honey than you do with ****" works with store employees too. They can become powerful allies when you least expect it... and it's very rarely if ever their fault the store doesn't have/they can't find the item you're looking for. I'm not typically one for answer shopping, but in cases like this it doesn't hurt to ask a different employee to have a look if the one doesn't seem to be having much luck or motivation in finding whatever it is you want.

The Antoc Merrick X-Wing is in stock on at the time of this post!


Got mine in store the other day.  Face paint app is wonky though, I'm going to see if Hasbro will exchange it.


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