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January 16, 2022, 11:27:54 PM

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Author Topic: Loose Vintage Figs up for sale  (Read 127 times)

Darth Sinister

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Loose Vintage Figs up for sale
« on: January 11, 2022, 07:20:38 PM »

I am selling off most of my vintage star wars collection. All figures are loose and complete for the most part. Prices are for the figure only all accessories i am throwing in for free. Some have repro weapons some have the real thing, but for some figs i can't tell them apart. These are noted in the listing for each figure. I can ship at buyer's expense or meet up in the gta preferrably in the north or west ends, but I am flexible.

I will sell the lot of loose figures for $250 not including Jabba the hutt.

Pics available here

Items marked with a * are pending

Star WarsBen 'Obi-Wan' Kenobi (grey hair)YPerfectTightrepro cape and broken saber$7.00
Star WarsBen 'Obi-Wan' Kenobi (white hair)NWornLooseno cape, no saber$5.00
Star WarsBoba FettNWornGoodLeft fingers broken, no weapon$7.00
Star WarsChewbaccaYOkGoodRepro weapon$10.00
Star WarsDarth VaderYOkGoodrepro cape and saber$7.00
Star WarsDarth VaderYOkLooseno cape, broken saber$5.00
Star WarsDarth VaderNWornTightno cape, no saber$5.00
Star WarsDeath Squad CommanderYWornGood$5.00
Star WarsDeath Squad CommanderYOkLoose$7.00
Star WarsHan Solo (large head)NOkTightno weapon$10.00
Star WarsPower DroidNAOkGoodStill clicks$7.00
Star WarsSand PeopleYOkTightRepro cape and stick$10.00
the Empire strikes BackAT-AT CommanderYPerfectGoodrepro weapon, leg bent$10.00
the Empire strikes BackBespin Guard (Black)YPerfectGood$10.00
the Empire strikes BackIG-88YPerfectGoodRepro weapons$10.00
the Empire strikes BackImperial CommanderYPerfectGoodRepro weapon$10.00
the Empire strikes BackLobotYPerfectTightRepro weapon$10.00
the Empire strikes BackLuke Skywalker - HothNWornTightbroken scarf, no weapon$5.00
the Empire strikes BackPrincess Leia - BespinYPerfectGoodRepro gun, actual cape$10.00
the Empire strikes BackRebel SoldierYPerfectTightrepro weapon$10.00
the Empire strikes BackRebel SoldierYPerfectTightrepro weapon$10.00
the Empire strikes BackYodaNOkGoodmissing all accessories$5.00
Return of the JediBib FortunaYPerfectGoodactual robe and staff$10.00
Return of the JediChief ChirpaYPerfectGoodactual staff and head dress$10.00
Return of the JediEmperors Royal GuardYPerfectGoodrepro staff$15.00
Return of the JediGamorrean GuardYPerfectTightrepro axe$10.00
Return of the JediGeneral MadineYPerfectGoodactual pointer$7.00
Return of the JediJabba the hutt playsetYPerfectTightall actual accessories$100.00
Return of the JediKlaatu - Skiff GuardYOkTightactual vibro staff$7.00
Return of the JediLando Calrissian - Skiff Guard*YPerfectTightactual vibro staff and helmet$10.00
Return of the JediLograyYPerfectGoodactual staff and head dress$10.00
Return of the JediNien Nunb*NPerfectGoodno weapon$10.00
Return of the JediPaploo*YPerfectGoodactual staff and head dress$10.00
Return of the JediRebel CommandoNPerfectGoodno weapon$10.00
Return of the JediScout TrooperNWornGoodno weapon$5.00
Return of the JediWeequayYPerfectGoodactual vibro staff$10.00

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Re: Loose Vintage Figs up for sale
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2022, 11:01:09 PM »

Hi there,

Interested in these:

Star Wars   Sand People   Y   Perfect   Tight   Repro cape and stick   $10.00
the Empire strikes Back   Bespin Guard (Black)   Y   Perfect   Good      $10.00
the Empire strikes Back   Snowtrooper   Y   Ok   Good   actual skirt and weapon   $15.00
the Empire strikes Back   TIE-Fighter Pilot   Y   Perfect   Good      $10.00
Return of the Jedi   Princess Leia - Endor   Y   Perfect   Tight   actual weapon, poncho and helmet   $15.00
Return of the Jedi   Prune Face   Y   Perfect   Good   actual weapon and cloak   $7.00
Return of the Jedi   Wicket   Y   Perfect   Good   actual spear and head piece   $10.00
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Re: Loose Vintage Figs up for sale
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2022, 10:47:31 AM »

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