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Hamilton Toy & Collectibles Show - Sunday, November 18th, 2018, 9:30am-1:30pm

Hamilton Toy & Collectibles Show (CollectiCon) - Sunday, November 18th, 2018,

Michelangelos Banquet Centre
1555 Upper Ottawa Street
Hamilton, ON


Admission: $3.00
Kids under 10yrs: $1.00

More info:

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Ebay, China, and Canada Post

I don't know how widespread this is, but I've had two orders cancelled in the last two days.

According to one seller, China Post is not accepting mail to Canada right now due to the strike.

Apparently this just started in the past day or so.

From the seller:

The Canada postal union is oranizing a stirke now,and the postoffice stop the shipping to Ca form today,i can not send it out,sorry.

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Dengar 6" wave found in US

Not by me, sadly, but a friend of mine posted finding them with pics to prove it. I believe he's either in greater NY or NJ.

EDITED: Location not important - he got lucky & got an order through on hasbrotoyshop before they sold out.

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Cassian Andor: the TV show

Uhmmm.... wow.  This was totally unexpected.  I like the character and the actor and if he's partnered with K2SO then the show will probably be pretty cool, especially if we get cameos from the various rebel alliance commanders and operatives.  Maybe they'll even improve the Carrie Fisher CGI double in time for the TV version of Rogue One :D

But seriously, this bodes well if it means Hasbro will release many of those cool Rebel characters as SA action figures. Hasbro's the one who's always saying that they produce the toys if there's enough media support...  now give me my SA Admiral Raddus!!!!

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EE exclusive black series leia & han (hoth)

I like it !

Do we know whether this is a "real" exclusive or will others carry it ?

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Disney sandcrawler

Has anyone found the new sandcrawler at Disney stores yet? None in Winnipeg.

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