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RedShift 7 - Anyone order from them before?

Hi all,

Curious if anyone has dealth with RedShift 7 for preorders.
Looking to preorder wave 20 and Grevious form them but curious if anyone has any feedback on them.

Was thinking of going with Northmen Collectables, but i'm still waiting for my Wave 19 preorder i did in October :)  I know its not his issue per say, its distribution, but wanted to try someone else.

I've used for the archive wave and got that fast from them, but they are sold out of wave 20..

Any feedback would be appreciated :)

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EB Games Friday Deal

Here’s a heads up on tomorrow’s deal at EB Games.  All VOTC figures are only $5 each.  Unfortunately my local store has only Snokes and Rey on the pegs.  Maybe you will do better in your area?

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Galaxy's Edge Preview at

Disney is really going above and beyond in their efforts to fleece me out of my money...

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Let's talk ToyFair 2019

Okay, we need a place to gab about TF2019.... so here we go.

Some great tidbits coming from JI's coverage of the Hasbro SW presentation.  Specifically:

Kenner line announced. Called the Star Wars retro collection, using modern scans, recreated original kenner detail, coor matched. 6 figures with Chewbacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker,Storm Trooper, Leia, Darth Vader. They are doing a brand new Grand Moff Tarkin in the Kenner style. Tarkin is being released in the Escape from the Death Star game reissue.

Tarkin?  Kenner style?  Yay!!!  But you have to buy a game to get him?  Booo!!!

edit: fans will be able to vote for upcoming retro figures. Yay!

Vedain, Skiff Guard 3-Pack. Jabba's Palace Adventure set with Carbonite block that attaches to Jabba's wall. Will have Taun Taun Head and Gera head on the wall. Ree Yees

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New Kenner style/sculpt figure line by hasbro.

New Kenner style figures coming........"SAY WHAT NOW!?!"

Link to news via

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Return of the best EU at last!

Old fogeys who grew up on the original Marvel run of Star Wars rejoice... welcome back Jaxxon, Valance, Domina, and Amaiza. and I hope Hasbro takes the opportunity to turn them all into TVC action figures (ha!) now that they are in the public eye again.

I haven't bought a SW comic since the Dark Horse days, but this one will be worth a grab when it debuts in a few months.

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