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Petition for Hasbro to make more NEW 3​.​75" Star Wars Vintage Collection figure

Hi guys, if you love the vintage collection, please sign this petition :



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New Hasbro figures at Superstore - These are not the figures we are looking for

While at Superstore I took a look at the toy aisles and there were 2 new Hasbro figure lines out. Unfortunately they're both budget lines.

There were 3.75" zero-articulation figurines: Luke, Vader, FO Stormie and Chewbacca - 5.98. Made in Vietnam with a date code of 93651. Yakface has a report of these being found in the US in November

There were also 9.5" Olympus 4POA figures: Luke, Vader, FO Stormie and Kylo Ren - 12.98. Again made in Vietnam with a date code of 00381. JTA has a post about these figures

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Black Series 40th ESB Anniversary Figures

I ordered 2 cases/sets of the 40th Anniversary wave 1 figures. They arrived today. I opened the cases up and I'm disappointed....why?..because of the return of 'Bubblegate'.
Both AT-AT Driver bubbles were separating from the cards....and one of my Leias is starting to separate on one corner. UGH!

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USA Address with forwarding capabilities to Canada

Hi guys,

I need very urgently to setup a US Address mailbox with forwarding capabilities to Quebec, Canada. The initial plan I had is not working anymore and I need to find an alternative to have some orders from US stores shipped to a US mailbox, with possibilities to forward the packages to my Quebec address (since our border is blocked for the time being... and maybe for a little while longer).

Do you guys know of any such service near the border (Ontario or Quebec)? What do you suggest using?

Thanks for your quick help on this...

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ESB Retro Will They come to Canada?

Title says it all.
Has anyone heard anything about these making it to our country?

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Good old

If anyone is feeling a little edgy because of all the lifestyle changes around us right now, I can report in and offer a little bit of normalcy, something that's steady and constant.

Black series AT-ST, originally released in January 2017 in the USA and later to is still full price at $79.99. It will always be there for us, and it will be that price. Even our kids' kids will probably have to scroll past it.

Thank you  :u:

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