This webpage is a listing of Tri-logo Star Wars figures released in Canada.  As more figures get released, it will be harder to remember just what was released in Canada on Canadian cards. These web pages  will be a reference to all Canadian collectors.

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 ** Tri-logo figure cards have English, French and Spanish text, unlike their U.S. counterparts that are in English only. **

For a U.S. version guide go to or  For Canadian vintage go to The Canadian Star Wars Gallery

These pages are in the process of being redone

                          Revenge of the Sith

 3 3/4" Figures 2005

Revenge of the Sith Figures

Revenge of the Sith Deluxe

Revenge of the Sith Preview Figures

ROTS Vehicles


ROTS Miscellaneous products

                   Original Trilogy Collection   

 3 3/4" Figures 1998-2005

 Original Trilogy Collection 2005 Transitional Wave

 Original Trilogy Collection 2004

 Commemorative Trilogy DVD Collection 2004

                             Saga Collection     

 Saga Collection 2004

 Hall of Fame 2004

 Saga Collection 2003

                            Attack of the Clones

 Attack of the Clones Deluxe Figures 2002/2003

 Attack of the Clones/Saga  3 3/4" 2002 
Attack of the Clones (Preview Figures)  2002

                          Power of the Jedi 

 25th Anniversary 2 packs  2002

Power of the Jedi 2000-2002  

 Power of the Jedi / Deluxe Figures 2001           

Boba Fett 300th Figure  2000

Power of the Force Commtech 1999

                         Phantom Menace

 Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace 3 3/4" 1999-2000

Episode 1 Flashback Photo

                       Power of the Force 2

 Power of the Force 2 Freeze Frame

Vehicles, Beasts, Playsets & Misc

 Attack of the Clones


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