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Why are you still collecting ? Are we really this stupid ?

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Canadian Jedi:
At this point, I have to ask myself, am I this stupid ?  I have been at this for a lot of years, for the most part Star Wars figure on sale were $5 each, SA included.  Now they are $20 each.  I am willing to pay that price, all I want to do is point, click and have them arrive in good condition at my house without traveling all over the place trying to beat all the scalpers who are trying to sell stuff on eBay.  But between Toysrus cancelling ever bloody order, Walmart taking perfectly good product and crushing it to fit in whatever box they have lying around and Amazon trying to convince me they are trying to save the environment and that is why they don't use any protective packaging . Buy, get damaged product, return and then to try and go the store and find the product in good condition.  Am I really this stupid?   Are we really this stupid ? Why are you still collecting ?

Well there are a few compelling reasons to keep going & I guess I'll try to list them - some may pertain certain people but not others, I guess all influence me in different ways at different times:

1. I've come this far, it would be stupid to stop now (aka "sunk cost fallacy").

2. Fear of missing out - if I don't get the items when they come out, it will be a hell of a lot harder or more expensive to track them down if/when I want them later.

3. I still love the source material. I can still watch any of the OT movies & get as much enjoyment out of it as I always did.

The game sure has changed though. There is no substitute for being the first person to encounter a fresh shipment of brand new figures on the pegs and being able to sort through them & take your pick. Sadly, those days seem like they are almost completely behind us now. It's a click & ship hobby now, as per your post.

Canadian Jedi:
OK, I am still in. Just needed a pick me up.  :party0007: :r2d2line:

old man ben:
I am in there with you, JJ.

I think that with the costs of a single figure (6" or 3.75"), the hoops that have to be jumped through in order to get the figure, the possibility that said figure will be damaged during shipping and finally that said figure may not arrive at all because your preorder was cancelled, more than ever you should only be collecting it if you really enjoy it.

Collecting something just because you've gotten them all up until now isn't sustainable under these conditions.  At its best, you end up with a bunch of figures that you really don't like (scattered among the ones you actually do like), at its worst you could end up getting soured on the whole thing, selling everything, and looking back on something that gave you joy as something that was negative & frustrating. Not to mention 5 years from now if you get nostalgic and tried to reacquire your favorites that you sold off, you'll probably end up soured again when you see the prices.

If collecting everything is what gives you joy, good luck and go to it (providing you're still meeting all of your real world financial commitments), if collecting everything 3.75" vintage is your thing, have fun, if only a few items really turn your crank, you know what to do.  The best thing about a collection is that you decide ultimately what your focus is and that doesn't have to be the same thing that you've always done up until now.  The elephant in the room (seeing as this is a Star Wars Collecting forum) is that if none of it gives you joy anymore, it actually probably is time to move on because that's the right path for you.

As long as what you're doing isn't hurting others, just make sure it gives you joy, otherwise change your approach.  Life's too short.


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