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Stamping out the swap out.

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Canadian Jedi:
Today I made a return of several of the same Star Wars figure.   Nothing newsworthy in that of itself.  What was nice to see is how much attention was spent on trying to see if I had swapped figures, ie tampered with the packaging and replaced the figures with a less desirable version. What was interesting for me, it was at a store that in the past I had pointed out this type problem happening   They were carefully inspecting each figure case and the bubble and then got another co-worker to look at them.   Not sure if all stores are now doing this, but this was at a Walmart and I am guessing this is part of the store's returns procedures.   

I'm glad they actually checked. A rare occurrence in my limited experience.

Darth Cujo:
This same thing happened to me pre-covid. It was a location where I had reported swapping multiple times. I even told the employee I appreciated that they were checking my return.

Sadly, this was temporary as I returned another item after that and a different employee didn't even take a second glance. In addition I also found swapped out items after that, so someone was still getting away with it. It amazes me that people have the.. guts... to do this. I would love to be able to nail these people.

Canadian Jedi:
You would think it would be easy to figure out who is doing it and deal with them.   The store has the item that was tampered with , they should be able to search and see when it was returned and now armed with a date and time, they can just go back to the customer service video.   Then upload the photo to their face reconigition software, point a camera at the front entrance.  When the person enters, alert security, send in the Stormtroopers and throw the person in the Carbon Freezing Chamber .   Easy.    :P

Darth Woo:
This totally depends on the employee.  I refunded some Black Series figures and the employee actually even looked up the item online to see if it matched.  Others just ask why and if it was opened and that was it.


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