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Toysrus itís Time to Grow Up.

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Canadian Jedi:
Iím a Toysrus Kid.  I donít want to grow up.  But itís time for Toysrus to put their big kid pants on and fix their retail management software.   At this point I am struggling to understand why Toysrus's management has not cut their losses with their current retail management software.   It does not get the job done, period.   But customer service definitely are aware of it and they are trying to let the customer know they appreciate their business.   Top marks for helping the customer whenever they can and for giving them the best customer service they can under the current system. 

My most recent interaction played out like this.   I like many of you had a pre-order for the rainbow Boba Fett.  It got cancelled.   I went on-line saw it was available to order, so I used one of my many 10% off codes that I have got from all the cancelled orders Toysrus has done and I reordered it and got 10% off the order.   Then shortly thereafter I received a 40% off coupon for on-sale and regular retail items at Toysrus.   And 2 days after I ordered the product it was delivered to my house.  So in the end I am a very happy customer.    I got my Rainbow Boba Fett , I got 10% off it and I have a 40% coupon to use in the future.

But a lot of time and energy is being used by the customer and customer service to keep the ship sailing when what they really need is a new boat.   A new boat in form a shiny new retail management software program that allows customers to order products and for those orders to turn into shipments to the customer and for the products to arrive at the customerís doorstep in a dependable fashion.   They really are in a position to own the Toy Market in Canada if they can just get this problem fixed. 

Sometimes it's amazing a company lets it go as long as they do - this is certainly the example that comes to mind. Huge overhaul required.

At least, they are still in business... it's so sad that they are bankrupt in the US.

Unfortunately, action figures are not the main driver anymore. The Lego section of Toysrus reminds me of the glory day of gijoe, star wars and transformers. 

To put things into perspective, just check this:

The Rise and Fall of Toys'R'Us

TRU is no longer what it once was. It's good enough it survived in Canada, because the toy business has changed dramatically over the past decade. Looking at this little video makes you understand how deep Toys'R'Us' fall was.

So I doubt they will invest more. Especially in a new software. With online shopping, I think all these retail stores that are not selling consumables are more than likely destined to disappear over the next decade. Sadly, these rare stores that will still exist coul only be used as mere display more than real retail stores...

I remember 5 years ago a local store employee complaining about it and saying it's supposed to be replaced. Guess that never happened. Or what they replaced it with was even worse, which happens too (hello, Walmart?)


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