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Walmart Exclusives Clone Wars Animated 50th Anniversary figures

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General Brashin:
I saw a small display unit with same CW figures that JP saw, no BDs.There were almost 2 sets left in the display plus a few extras. Looks like the display could hold 6 sets. The Arc Trooper cards were all bent almost as if someone did it deliberately. There were also some old VC figures in the display - Trench-coat Han, Ackbar, Hoth Luke and ERG. The rest of the display had lightsabers, Mission Fleet and a Grogu item.

Edit: add photo

Actually I was there when they opened that one (The photo above)
How the package was packed... as in where it was tied up... sliced through the box and sadly all but 1 (which was what I took) for the ARC troopers were really badly damaged.

This is the exact display I found out in the prairies - with the exact same extra, older TVC figures on it. Ours was in a different part of the store - make sure you walk the aisles looking for this island if the figures aren't in toys.


--- Quote from: General Brashin on December 14, 2021, 12:08:31 PM ---The Arc Trooper cards were all bent almost as if someone did it deliberately.
--- End quote ---

I found the same thing: most of the ARC Troopers Cardbacks were bent, even had one with the bubble crushed. And this when the figures were just put on the shelves, letting me think the entire box of 6 figures for both ARC Troopers were damaged rather than that an act of vandalism. But then I saw the same thing in another store. Again, only the ARC Troopers' cardbacks were damaged. Now I have my doubts. The stores are approximately 15min apart, so it could really be the same guy travelling from store to store making sure no one would get ARC Troopers with perfect cardbacks. If that is so, this is very lame and childish...  :crazy:

As for the Battle Droid, I've read on another site that this is scheduled to be released next Spring (March 1st, 2022 I believe). Again a Walmart Exclusive. He didn't make the cut for this first wave, even though you could order it on (US website).

Having seen the way the pallet was packaged, it wouldnt surprise me if they were all packed this way... It was tied up with an outer lid that was wrapped tightly (and torn at the top) exactly where the figures are. This would explain why all the cards have damage. Just my two cents.


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