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Walmart Exclusives Clone Wars Animated 50th Anniversary figures

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Found the motherload this morning at one of my local Walmart stores!

5 of each of the new CW Animated 50th Anniversary figures:

- Barriss Offee
- Luminara Unduli
- Aayla Secura
- ARC Trooper (Red)
- ARC Trooper (Blue)

They were sitting on a shelve in the boys section, not even on the pegs in the SW section. 19.97$ each.

I took all of them to cover my needs and tose of my friends.

These were not even showing on, so I wasn't even expeting them to show up at retail. And had them on order from Walmart US to have them shipped to a friend. Now I can just cancel my US order.

So be on the look out, they're here. And most probably the other 3 figures (Luke Endor, DS and Tusken) will show up sooner than later as well.

This made my day.  :)

Nice news !

I sent you a message.



For reference, here are the UPC:

501099398092-5 ARC Trooper (Blue) (VC212)
501099398090-1 ARC Trooper Captain (Red) (VC213)
501099398094-9 Barriss Offee (VC214)
501099398027-7 Luminara Unduli (VC215)
501099398096-3 Aayla Secura (VC217)

(Last digit for each figure doesn't appear on the receipt but is on the UPC)

Ypu will see everything on :)

Nice. i hope can find these. really want them but not holding my breath. my local walmarts are horrible

old man ben:
I saw three new 50th Anniversary 6 Archive figures today at my local Walmart:  Shoretrooper, Imperial Death Trooper and Tuscan Raider.


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