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It's not COVID, it's not supply chain, it's not inflation, it's greed.

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Canadian Jedi:

Why does Walmart Canada need to charge these prices in Canada?  COVID is in the states, supply problems are in the states and inflation is in the states.  These prices are Walmart Canada vs. Walmart USA in Florida.

Terry’s Orange Chocolates $6.38 CDN in Canada or $3.28 US in Florida

Queen Anne’s Chocolate Covered Cherries  $3.99 CDN in Canada or $1.99 US in Florida

well let's start with conversion.  $3.28 USD is about $4.50CAN.  Add in the shipping costs to Canada (gas isn't cheap) and I'm sure you'll start to creep up on the $6.38 you seen at Walmart.  But the real question is, why are we angry about the price of a chocolate orange.  I'd like to see the prices of actual fruit and vegetables come down so everyone can afford to eat healthy, instead of the cheap premade packaged frozen stuff.

Canadian Jedi:

These are just simple examples of the significant price mark ups we are facing in Canada vs. the USA.   The price gouging is on broad scale.  We have seen it on Star Wars collector items but that same problem is happening where ever the distribution chain and retailers think they can get away with it.   Loblaws is making $1 million dollars more everyday, than their best year ever in the history of the company.  They want us to believe it is cosmetics that they are selling more.  But the reality is they have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.   Interesting enough Terry’s Chocolates are made in France.  And I believe Queen Anne’s originated from New Zealand.  In Canada we have a limited amount of retail outlets and competition moves together far too often, hence the reason we are paying way too much for cell phone service. In Canada they believe the price elasticity of demand is low vs. that of the US. In other words we are willing to purchase at the higher price and demand will not fall that much vs. the worry in the states they will get stuck with a lot of stock because Americans will not pay the price increase.  My point is in Canada,  if you think you are getting over charge, chances are you are.   And if we all decided to stop making purchases from retailers that are gouging us, we can make a difference, they will realize Canadian’s have had enough.

Canadian Jedi:
If you are into audio equipment here is another good example.  Klipsch sells a nice bluetooth powered speaker that you can hook your cd player or record player to or play compressed streamed music via bluetooth.   Klipsch Canada has the "The Three" version 2 on sale for $499 CDN !!!!! Are you excited, well consider Klipsch USA has the same unit on sale for $239 US maybe not. Using a 35% exchange rate that is $322 CDN . 

Transparency is a great way to fight price gouging by corporations.

I recall just last month when the NDP were publicy calling on the government to investigate the big supermarket chains for greedflation, it was making the news headlines for a week, then lo and behold, that Thursday (when the new supermarket flyers came out) and going to my local No Frills, I saw that the prices on many items had suddenly taken a nice drop.

It was actually the first time that I remember leaving the store and not feeling gouged.

Of course, just this past week I was there again and the prices on everything seems to have soared right back again!  So it does require constant vigilance and pressure to make these businesses accountable. 

Hasbro, in my opinion, has been a huge offender these past 2 years. Some of it is justifiable due to the huge jump in shipping container costs, but that situation is slowly resolving itself (yet prices still seem ludicrously high e.g. the Marvel Legends Blob is something like $80 for a deluxe figure, the TVC Speederbike and Biker Scout over $60...).  We have to boycott this stuff even if we want it badly... otherwise there'll be no end to the amounts that Hasbro or ToysRUs will charge.


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