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Target Exclusive Retro Prototype Figure 3.75"

Are we getting this in Canada since Target does not ship to Canada?  I was thinking EB games might get it.

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May the Fourth 2021

Haven't seen much May the 4th promotions advertised yet besides Lego, maybe they're waiting until next week? I get that with COVID still causing major problems they probably didn't want to plan any in store stuff (that could've had to be canceled or that they get criticized for), but i was thinking we'd hear of some online stuff by now.

If you hear of something, post it here!

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Geek Gift Registry

Hey guys check out this brand new website a buddy of mine has just launched.  Its called Geek Gift Registry.   Its a great tool for us collectors.  As you know it is nearly impossible for our friends and loved ones to buy us a collector gift as they have no idea what we want or already have.  Here you can set up a registry of your wish list and forward to all your friends.  They can then just click the link and order the perfect gift for you!! Great idea!

They will be adding Canadian e-tailers including the big guys like Amazon and Walmart soon.

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Jeremy Bulloch has passed away

Sigh.  Just when you thought 2020 was done...  RIP to the original Boba Fett

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new unleashed?

I guess this is a new unleashed line?

$ who knows what they'll ask up here...

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Dave Prowse, the man behind the Darth Vader mask, dies aged 85

Actor Dave Prowse, the man behind the Darth Vader mask, dies aged 85

Actor Dave Prowse died following a short illness, his agent Thomas Bowington told the BBC, adding that his death is "a truly and deeply heart-wrenching loss for us and millions of fans all over the world." Prowse was best known for his role as Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy, a character that was voiced by James Earl Jones.

However, his fans are also fondly remembering him as the Green Cross Code Man, a character that taught road safety to children across the UK.

Sigh. Because it's 2020 of course.  This year isn't done spreading its misery around enough.

RIP Mr Prowse.

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