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Toronto Star Wars Show - MAY THE NORTH BE WITH YOU - Saturday October 22


The Ontario Star Wars Collectors Alliance: The 43rd Legion (OSWCA) would like to invite you to a first-of-its-kind event celebrating the history of Kenner Canada & Canadian vintage Star Wars collecting with special guests from both Irwin Toy & Kenner!

Join us in Toronto on Saturday, October 22nd for panel discussions with key Irwin Toy personnel (George Irwin, Brenda Yonge), Kenner USA Toy Designers (Jim Swearingen, Stephen Geddes) and the hobby’s premier Kenner Canada experts (Scott Bradley, Jim McCallum).

There will also be exhibits featuring some of the most illusive Canadian vintage Star Wars collectibles and we will cap the night off with an opportunity to buy, sell and trade with your fellow collectors! We hope to see you there!
Tickets are limited so order yours today!

MAY THE NORTH BE WITH YOU is a non-profit event organized by the OSWCA. All profits from ticket, merchandise and raffle sales (aft

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1 000 000$ Question. Open everything or keep sealed?

I have a big dilemma, when I started this hobby in 1995, I opened everything, then came the adult age, wife, kids. I continued to buy everything, but starting with the Revenge of the Sith stuff, I said to myself that I would open later, now 17 years later, my garage is full and I dont many place left. I was trying to fit everything in boxes, but with 4 ships per box I will need a lot of boxes.

So should I buy rubbermaid storage bins and open everything or keep everything sealed to give to the kids when I die? I don't plan to die soon by the way. In my mind, I would open everything, but the amount of money I'll lose...... the dilemma...

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Ontario Collectors Con - Sunday, March 27, 2022 10am-4pm Mississauga, ON

Masks are no longer mandatory in Ontario in indoor settings as of March 21, 2022. However, it’s encouraged that attendees wear masks on the show floor due to the number of people in attendance. Wash or sanitize your hands often.

Ontario Collectors Con - The show features a huge selection of vintage 80s and 90s toys and all the latest releases from today such as Transformers (vintage and Japanese imports), Star Wars (new and vintage), GI Joe (vintage and modern), Masters of the Universe (vintage and modern), Super Heroes (Marvel Legends, DC Universe), Wrestling, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and tons of other action figures, Lego, comics, video games, and collectibles.

Sunday, March 27, 2022
Hours: 10 am – 4 pm

Hilton Mississauga/Meadowvale
6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON


Admission/Ticket Information:
EARLY ADMISSION (10 am entry) –

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ToysRUs and price increases

I thought we should start a dedicated thread to discuss the new, jaw-dropping price increases seen for toys across the board at ToysRUs.

I went to my TRU today since I had to do a return before the Jan 31st deadline.  It's definitely just about every collectible toy going up in price, the Hot Wheels are now $2 each, the Voyager-class Transformers that were $40 pre-pandemic are now $50. 

One interesting thing I noticed today is that the employees were jamming all the SW, Marvel and Transformers into one aisle whereas they normally occupy 3 aisles. I asked him why they were squeezing all the toys into such a tight space and he told me that TRU will now be selling books!  So they are making aisle space for a LOT more books.

His boss had told him that the reason is because books are higher margin.  Okay, but I'm not going into a TRU to buy books, I can go to other book stores including Amazon and get them for 50% off, so we�

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GameStop Canada

Where is my BS Bohdi?

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Walmart Exclusives Clone Wars Animated 50th Anniversary figures


Found the motherload this morning at one of my local Walmart stores!

5 of each of the new CW Animated 50th Anniversary figures:

- Barriss Offee
- Luminara Unduli
- Aayla Secura
- ARC Trooper (Red)
- ARC Trooper (Blue)

They were sitting on a shelve in the boys section, not even on the pegs in the SW section. 19.97$ each.

I took all of them to cover my needs and tose of my friends.

These were not even showing on, so I wasn't even expeting them to show up at retail. And had them on order from Walmart US to have them shipped to a friend. Now I can just cancel my US order.

So be on the look out, they're here. And most probably the other 3 figures (Luke Endor, DS and Tusken) will show up sooner than later as well.

This made my day.  :)

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